Laminator Machine

Go through the Laminator Machine which can help safeguard those documents or images for years of use. ID cards and restaurant menus are two of the most well-known applications for lamination. When it comes to flat materials that need to be protected, enhanced, or reused, lamination is the way to go.Laminator Machine is available in huge ranges like solar PV module laminator BXM-D2787L2, Solar Module Laminator, Solar Panel Laminator, and much more. Lamination extends the life of printed goods and allows them to endure repeated use. This machine has easy installation, economical and great durability too. 
Product Image (BXM-D2787L2)

solar PV module laminator BXM-D2787L2

Double layer laminator is the hot equipment in making solar PV module with double capacity with the same size area. Capacity of BXM-D2787L2 can be 300MW /YEAR

Product Image (BXM-D2787L1)

Solar Pv module laminator BXM-D2787L1

for making the solar PV panel from solar cell, Laminator is the key equipment on the line


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