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Offering Solar PV Module Production Line with Capacity from 20mw to 2gw, Solar Module Laminator, Auto Tabber And Stringer, Sun Simulator, PV Module Laminator, Laser Scribing Machine, etc.

Zhuhai Baixin Machinery Co.,Ltd.(Baixin Machinery) was set up in Sep. 2006 for offering Solar PV Module Line Equipment world wide.

Now, Baixin Machinery has customers in 30 countries and area including China, Taiwan, India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Spain, Sweden, UK, Austria, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Mali, Nigeria, Australia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, UAE, Jordan, Canada, USA, Mexico, Cuba, Brasil, Argentina,etc.

Star customers are: Jinko Solar, CSI Solar, Sunpower Solar, Welbel Solar,etc.

Why US?
Our Manufacturing Base
As we have a vast product portfolio to offer to our customers, we have various manufacturing units throughout the country to meet all bulk and urgent demands. From many production units
Our Clients
Our customers are doing the great work for a better world with the renewable energy. Star customers: SUNPOWER Mexico Plant, CSI Solar Thailand, Webel Solar India.
Our Services
Engineers are dispatched to the client facility to install the equipment and educate the operators. If we cannot send technicians to the client facility because of COVID-19,
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